Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So I am already falling behind on my resolutions.  But I guess a good excuse is working 8 straight days in a row averaging 9 hours each plus a 2 hour commute time.  Anyways I was on the Stars and Stripes Blog and saw todays topic on organization.  That I do have down pretty well I think.  So here is what I have.  Enjoy!!!  Pamela glad you were inspired by my resolutions.

My wooden Stamps are stored in Sterilite 7 drawer rolling carts.

Paper is stored in sterilite tall file folders storage containers according to color

Cuttlebug and accessories stored in a basket from goodwill

cricut cartridges stored in a basket from goodwill, the two purple objects on top hold
different cutouts in different sizes

cards on in top container are for personal use.  Cards in bottom with
pullout drawer are for OWH

Embelishments are stored in drawer dividers, Crisco stick containers, and
craft containers

Buttons are color sorted and stored in an old plastic sewing container with multiple drawers
great garage sale find

Ribbons stored according to pattern, holiday, plain

These is an Amish made silverware basket that I got cheap at a
School House Action.  Stores ink pads, refills and glitter glue great along
with embossing powders


  1. Great organization! I love the crisco containers - genius! Thanks for sharing, I wish I had space to do ribbon storage like you have!

  2. What great ideas! I am in love with your Amish silverware basket. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! And for supporting Operation Write Home! <3

  3. It's amazing what we can scrounge up to store things in. Very nice.

  4. I really like the way you use inexpensive and unique baskets for storage!

  5. I like the basket with your embossing machine and folders inside. I wish I had a basket big enough for mine. Thanks for sharing.
    OWH Blog Team